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What's your WORD for 2022?

My word for 2021 is FREEDOM.⠀

At the beginning of January, I was hopeful that most of the disruptions of 2020 would not follow me into 2021 and that I would make some serious gains in my business and reach more women than ever who needed my help.⠀

Well ... 2021 was full of a few surprises and some great lessons that I plan on taking with me into 2022, but also great successes.⠀

A real highlight for me was making it back to Sweden twice and spending precious time with my family including my grandma who sadly passed away this year.⠀

AND it was during those trips that I realised I had reached real freedom in my business as I was able to travel back without sacrificing my business and supporting the women that I worked with.⠀

That I could have it both.⠀

That I don’t have to choose between work or showing up for my family.⠀

That I can help women from all over the world.⠀

That I can be available on my terms so that what I have to give is authentic and genuine.⠀

And trust me, these things matter, because what I do is also what keeps me going when things are tough.⠀

Every woman I work with changes me too. This is one of the most powerful things about coaching⠀

So to date and just over a year since the Lighter Body Lighter Mind Reset was founded, I have since qualified in 2015 helped over 100 women change their relationship with food so they can lose weight and have strategies in place for when that little ‘devil’ on the shoulder (a.k.a. Food noise) shows up.⠀

But that’s not all.⠀

I’ve also become a lot more loving and forgiving towards myself in the process. A skill that transcends to my clients.⠀

They learn to act, be, and allow from a place of what I do and who I am, am ‘good enough, always.⠀

Just like you deserve to do.⠀

So all that left me thinking about 2022 and what I want this year to be…⠀

Ultimately my focus for 2022 will be to be a grounding force for myself and those that need me so that I can show up as the best version of myself no matter what.⠀

So the best word I could think of to sum up what I want 2022 to be is love.⠀

Love for myself.⠀

Love for my loved ones, including those that I’ve lost.⠀

Love for the world.⠀

Love for nature.⠀

And love for you.⠀

So here’s to 2022!⠀

What's your word for 2022 and why?

Please comment below.


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