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Meet Daniel 💕

To some degree, he contradicts everything I do and that I coach my women to do Daniel eats whenever there is food in sight My clients learn to eat when they are hungry and not just because food is in front of them Daniel eats and eats until the food is gone, then looks for more My clients learn to stop when they’re full, not when the plate is empty, and have a break in between meals Daniel likes to eat junk - ALL types of it My clients teach their bodies to release unwanted (body) junk so they feel lighter and everything flows more easily But on other levels, Daniel complements what I do …. Daniel lives in the moment and doesn’t worry about what he did (or ate) yesterday My clients learn to let go of what’s not serving them and to be more present in their lives and family Daniel likes to play and have fun, all day long My clients are encouraged to do things just for fun so they don't burn out, not because there’s time in their schedule for it but because they choose to take time for it Daniel also likes to move his body, like wiggling his tail and explore the outdoors My clients love to move their bodies, in any way they like and that make them feel good, like having a little dance in the kitchen or going for a morning walk Ultimately, for Daniel life isn’t complicated - you sleep, you eat, you move, you play, then repeat But Daniel didn't get to this place by doing it all on his own. He's got support, guidance, and love on tap. Just like my clients! Now say hello to Daniel


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