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That ‘dirty’ feeling that keeps you stuck …

I am writing from my heart to your heart today.

Be brave and learn to let go of what was. Including the many times, you’ve lost weight and regained just as fast.

Let it go, let it be ok, allow for what was so you can move on. For good.

Because the truth is, shame is fear-driven.

Fear is also the #1 reason you repeat the same actions that didn’t work before.

(Like giving up your ‘diet’ on Thursday night, then eat your way through the cupboards until Sunday night, hoping for that 'fresh start' the following week)

Or why you stop taking action altogether and give up.

You see the problem with shame is that it translates life events into personal failures. Like there's something wrong with your identity.

Like there's something wrong with 'you'.

So rather than looking at the 'facts', for example ...

Last Thursday I caved in and ate all the chocolate biscuits which then spiralled me into several days of bingeing on processed foods

Your 'shame googles' see ...

I am worthless

I never follow through

I have no willpower

I will never succeed

... and the more this happens, the stronger these beliefs become.

The irony is that it's the shame that then further drives the behaviours you don't want or like.

Because sitting in shame is an uncomfortable feeling, so in the spur of a moment, you pick an activity that will relieve this feeling.

Such as eating a packet of biscuits.

Then you feel like c***, both from the blood sugar crash and that sense of doom because you've gone and 'done it again'

Like you always do. Because you lack willpower. Because you're weak.

But let’s set the record straight once and for all.

The real problem here is not what you did. It's your perception of what you did and how you then let it guide your actions.

If your default is to blame yourself, your actions become self-sabotaging.

And this is why we need to break this circuit.

So you can get different results.

Sound good?

Then join me for my Food Freedom Masterclass covering

The 3-Step Method To Rest your Mindset, Hormones & Find True Food Freedom

Are you in?

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