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Lighter Body Lighter Mind Reset


You can lose weight and love the process too!

Declutter your mind, shift your energy AND feel the weight align with the body you want. 

Lighter body, lighter mind is not just another weight loss programme - this is about freeing yourself (and your body) from all the excess that you are carrying and opening up the channels of weight loss that keep you happy and slim forever. I simply created this course to give you what I wish I had found 15 years ago!


The truth is ...

If you give your body what it needs, it will reward you for life.

If you choose to be happy in your body and eat according to what it needs, it will shift the weight without you going hungry.

If you know what you need, you won't attack the fridge or secret chocolate stash at every chance.

... and this is also how you find your happy weight :)

and even better 

No more worrying or waste of more...


On diet programmes or supplements that at best work for 2-8 weeks then you give up the will to live and return to doing (and eating) whatever you did before only to feel shameful and like you lack the willpower to ever get this right. 


Constantly telling yourself that you've failed once again and that you'll never be able to crack this nut ... unlike ALL other normal people out there who can just eat and stop when they're full!

(Hint here - way more people struggle like you and those 'normal' people don't do it by chance, they've just stopped obsessing and learned to trust themselves)


Think about it, you've got one life and whether you believe it or not (yet), you are destined for big things and you deserve to feel good in this life. Constantly searching for the next fix or being so tired that your evening meal is a slice of toast or kids left-overs because you know you'll crash on the sofa to eat chocolate anyway is not living ... it's surviving!


Are you ready to thrive instead?

What are the women saying on the inside?

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Introducing the Light for Life Methodology ...

Helping you shift weight naturally on your terms and without giving up the foods you love.

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1: Recharge 


Eat to nourish and promote energy without restriction

Image by nikko macaspac

2: Rebalance


Re-establish effective communication between metabolic hormones to maximise fat burning and metabolism

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3: Release


Create a lighter body and mind without extreme detoxes or relying on 'positive thinking'

Image by Hybrid

4: Reset


Create a new story and environment to support success

Take a peak on the inside ...

Week 1:
Set Your Destination


Create a vision for success and leave past 'failures' behind.

Week 5:
Hydration & Weight Loss

Hydration to cleanse and lose weight naturally

Week 9:
It's YOUR Time


The fear of change and how  to create an intentional life

Week 2:
Light for Life Principles

Create an environment and routine for easy implementation and programme success

Week 6:


Exercise for life and healthy hormones

Week 10:
Self-Love & Acceptance

Learn how to make peace with yourself, your past, and embrace what is without judgement

Week 3:
Blood Sugar Balance in Practice

Implementation of the Light for Life Principles to balance metabolic hormones and reduce the 'stress-storm'

Week 7:
Reflections & Objections

Release old beliefs and gain clarity on your needs

Week 11:
Light For Life Tools


How to lighten the body load for life and still eat what you want

Week 4:
Energy of Foods


Lighten the digestive load to optimise metabolism

Week 8
Lose the 'Junk'


Effective strategies to support the liver and maximise weight loss

Week 12:
Be You Now & Beyond


Mindset tools for next steps and longterm success and maintenance

To apply or check suitability for the programme ...

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