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I help women find peace with their bodies and stay slim for life

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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought 'this can't be as good as it gets'?

To change your body you must first change your mind

Real health starts with aligning YOU; with loving yourself, your mind and body unconditionally. This means accepting where you are right now and knowing that with the right support, actions, and beliefs, you can create the change that you want. And don't worry if you don't quite believe in this yourself quite yet, that is why I am here for you. 

Since I started practicing in 2015 I have helped over a hundred people transform their health, improve their relationship with food, gain body confidence and more trust in themselves by;

Shifting their digestion, getting rid of bloating and IBS symptoms and finding food enjoyable again


Understanding how food and how we feel about food is connected to everything including mood  and our  emotional resilience​

Losing weight without deprivation and have it stay off for good!

Want to connect with me to see how I can help and which programme is aligned for you?

"I have been seeing Jen for nearly a year. She has done so much more than the original ask of helping me lose weight. I now understand food in a completely different way. Removing gluten from my diet has been life-changing and Jen has been pivotal in that transition. I have found Jen extremely knowledgeable and is able to answer all of my queries. I would recommend her to anyone who wants insight into their body and health."

~ Natalie, Birmingham

"Since I've started working with Jennifer I've lost 22 Kg, but that's not all of it. I feel much better, more focused and more energy and most of all not guilty when I eat something I didn't plan to. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer. From my experience with nutritional therapists, Jennifer's approach worked great for me as we were not discussing calories and grams but food choices and lifestyle changes.

~ Helder, Birmingham

"I feel like a different person to how I did 12 weeks ago both mentally and nutritionally.

I would recommend anyone to take time out to rebalance themselves.

~ Annetta Birch

How we will work together

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Align & Shine

1:1  Bespoke Nutrition & Coaching

Create the body and life you want. Align & Shine is my signature 6-month 1:1 nutrition and coaching programme, uniquely tailored for YOU


The Lighter Body Lighter Mind Reset

The Lighter Body Lighter Mind Reset

16- week online customised experience to help reset your mindset, habits, and metabolism so you can lose the weight for good without giving up all the food you love. 

Want to connect with me to see how I can help and which programme is aligned for you?

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