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Is food a reflection of your life?

I have to be real with you...there are some uncomfortable truths behind why you’re not happy in your own skin and while the truth may set you free....freedom isn’t easy ⁣

If you’re giving away your power when it comes to food, the likelihood is you’re also doing this in other areas of your day to day living⁣

You see human behaviour is pretty simplified - we’re driven to either move towards pleasure or away from pain ⁣

And one of our core needs is to be accepted or just ‘fit in’⁣

If you struggle to set boundaries with your spouse, your friends, your boss or even your mum…⁣

Then you’re more likely to allow others to influence what you eat and say yes to that extra biscuit being offered - after all, it’s rude to say no.⁣

You may also be reliant on diet plans or following other ‘guru’s to tell you what the latest best way to shift weight fast is. After all, they’ve got their stuff together and you can’t even trust yourself around a chocolate bar⁣

You may also be desperate to be liked so you go along with what everyone else is doing or eating - you don’t want to be the awkward one⁣

Being different is scary and could cause you pain. Let’s face it, women used to be burnt at the stake for doing just that - be different⁣

So sticking to the same foods and routine even when it makes you feel lousy is safe ⁣

And it’s predictable⁣

If you also struggle to accept compliments and receive pleasure just for you without feeling guilty, like you somehow don’t deserve this - then food becomes your in the moment ‘guilty pleasure’ ⁣

Or you go super restrictive as pleasurable foods make you worry about gaining another 5lbs⁣

Or your busy on-the-go lifestyle means your priorities are all over the place leaving most decisions to chance or a spur of the moment, food included⁣

Can you see the pattern?⁣

Can you see that your relationship with food is a direct reflection of how you live the rest of your life and how you show up in relationships?⁣

If food feels like the problem - how can you make changes in other areas of your life first?⁣

Maybe the thought is sounding dreadful right now - like food is the easier piece of the puzzle to fix instead of delegating the laundry to your spouse.⁣

But then why have you not fixed it by now??⁣

Taking your attention away from the problem and focusing on something else could just be the very foundation you need.⁣

When I speak of weight loss with my clients, I point out that there’s no point in just achieving a smaller body if you don’t learn to enjoy the journey to get there⁣

And it starts by showing up in your life and carving out space for you and your needs⁣

Today I invite you to bring more awareness to your patterns and how you interact with food ⁣

Without overthinking it - just take notice for now⁣


Would you like to uncover the Unspoken Secrets of Letting Go of Stress-Eating so you can create a happier and healthier relationship with food and achieve lasting results?

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