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Have you heard of 24-hour yo-yo dieting?

You may be doing it without even knowing.

And without even trying to diet

Here’s an example,

You wake up and have a coffee followed by a quick piece of toast or perhaps you don’t have time and skip breakfast…

Until you start getting hungry (again) around 11 AM so you grab a ‘healthy’ breakfast bar before lunch.

For lunch you make yourself a quick sandwich or cook up a quick omelette with veggies to get your protein in

Feeling ok for an hour or two until the afternoon slump kicks in and you grab a quick chocolate bar that’s hidden in the cupboard for the kids or left-over from the weekend

Dinner is a last-minute throw some pasta, tomato sauce and cheese in. Plus veggies on the side so you don’t feel too bad.

You feel this day hasn’t been too bad. You didn’t eat too much in the morning and lunch had a little protein and dinner some veggies.

The chocolate and snacks in between were not massive so now, once the kids are in bed, you can treat yourself to the remaining chocolate.

So this is what’s happened on the surface.

Inside your body, your hormones are running in survival mode. Since 8 AM cortisol and insulin levels have been up and down as a direct result of caffeine, high-sugar foods (bread, breakfast bars, pasta, chocolate), snacking, skipping meals and eating until late in the evening.

Storing fat for the imaginary upcoming famine.

Even on a ‘healthy-ish’ day.

The good news is that it doesn’t take major tweaks to change this cycle.

But they do have to be consistent and adapted to you.

And we start by...

Balancing your mood chemistry + reducing your toxic load

Or in other less fancy words …


Would you like to uncover the Unspoken Secrets of Letting Go of Stress-Eating so you can create a happier and healthier relationship with food and achieve lasting results?

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