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Do you let others stand in the way of your power?

Do you let others decide what is worth spending either time, money, or even energy on?

Have you considered that you are allowing it, as supposed to ‘not having much of a choice’ for things to be different?

Ok I get it, that may sound a bit harsh.

That’s not my intention. My intention is to get you to realise that the only one that has the ability to make decisions for you … is you.

Take time for example …

If you’re putting things on hold that you really want to do or achieve for yourself like your health and you use lack of time as your reason.

I’m telling you, NO ONE is ever going to give you that time. No one.

(Even if they care deeply about you)

You are going to have to take that time.

In whatever way you can.

This may involve leaning in on others and asking for help or swapping something else out in your schedule.

Or just putting some stronger boundaries in place.

Only you will know what that might be.

And if you don’t yet… only you will care enough to go ahead and figure it out.

Yes there are exceptions, or as I like to refer to it - times when other commitments take priority.

If you’d just had a new baby .. making all food from scratch and ensuring the older kids' hair (and yours) is brushed everyday may not happen.

If you've got a deadline at work and everyone is depending on you to get the needle moving …. Making your regular 3x week gym classes or eating mindfully without being at the desk may not happen either.

If you’re going through a particular hard time in your life like grieving a loved one then going to work and getting dressed may not even be a priority.

You get where I’m going with this one right!?

But not because of lack of time … it’s because of priorities.

And that’s ok. Because we all have different priorities at different stages in life.

Instead it’s about owning the role you play in all of this, that you are choosing to do some things over others, yes just that, choosing it

Not because you don’t have time

And there are two ways you can look at this

You can beat yourself up for all the choices you’ve made in the past and feel even more overwhelmed about your current situation


You can step into your power and realise that bringing awareness to this fact, means you now have even more power than before.

And it boils down to one simple (but perhaps challenging) thing …

Being honest with yourself about what you need and then creating a roadmap to making it happen.

And I’m going to be honest here! Some people may not like it, at first or at all.

Because when you ask for change, this has an impact on those around you and like all humans, they have their beliefs and insecurities so you go around changing things like ...

What’s for dinner

What’s in the snack cupboard

What times you’re in and available or when you’re out for a run

… may be perceived as threatening to them and their routine.

So if you feel that the people around aren’t always supporting you, that may just be normal and a part of the transition.

Equally, normal doesn’t make it ok or that you have to accept it.

You can set (new) boundaries for yourself without expecting people to follow.

That’s how powerful YOU are.

So the real question is are things working for you right now, just the way they are?

If the answer is yes - amazing, good for you!

If they’re not.

What do you need to change and do for YOU?

Would you like to uncover the Unspoken Secrets of Letting Go of Stress-Eating so you can create a happier and healthier relationship with food and achieve lasting results?

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