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6 Tips on How to Beat the Holiday Indulgence Trap

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

We all look forward to having some time off work and whether it is spent going to a new location, or at home having some extra time with close ones, for many of us we also fall in the trap of ‘overdoing’ food and drinks that leave us in a need of recovery. So what can we do to keep our bodies and minds in check this holiday? 1. Water

This simple trick does not come as a surprise to many of us but simply staying hydrated can make the difference between feeling unwell and feeling on top of the world. Always carry a water bottle with you and aim to drink at least 2 litres a day.

2. Alcohol

You can still have the occasional drink but spacing it out with plenty of non-alcoholic fluids (coffees and teas don’t count!) in between can help to slow down the flow. Additionally choosing a red wine or a dry white, which is lower in sugar than beer and cocktails, as well as pairing your drink with a protein-rich meal or snack, can minimise the harms of drinking alcohol.

3. Eat real food

You’re on holiday and no one is going to stop you from having cake, but what if you could ‘have your cake and eat it’ at the same time?! By focusing on eating wholesome foods in between your ‘treats’ with plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, good quality meat, fresh fish, nuts, seeds and fruit. In simple terms, eat REAL FOOD and you will both nurture your body and mind and stay nutritionally saturated allowing you to top it off with a bit of dessert when you fancy.

4. Get some sleep

This says it all. Rest when you can, don’t stay up too late and value your sleep as an active part of staying healthy.

5. Don’t forget exercise

This doesn’t mean going to the gym or taking classes if that isn’t your thing. A gentle walk, a 15-minute yoga practice, playing in the water with your children, all movement is exercise so just keep on moving.

6. Hangover cures

If you’ve overdone it and your head is now paying for it, it is your liver that now needs your support and attention. Green juices or smoothies that include broccoli, kale, cabbage or spinach all aid the elimination of toxins from the body. Equally starting every day with lemon water can also help to flush out toxins. In summary, HYDRATE, REST, EXERCISE and EAT REAL FOOD and if you are planning on counting anything

Count nutrients, not calories!

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